Real Time Flight Info
Fri April 18,2014
Notice:auto reload every 10 minutes
Real Time Flight Info. (schedule of today's arrivals/departures ) instructions:

The table above contains today's arrivals/departures flights information, these flights information are live and automatically updated every 3 minutes directly from Beirut-airport flight info feeds.

 * The table displays flights info in a time interval of ( 2 hours passed from now and above ).

 * Time represents the flight's scheduled time.

 * City represents the destination city in case of Departure from Beirut while it represents
    the city of departure in case of Arrival to Beirut.

 * VIA represents the flight's route .

 * A/ET Dep represents Actual / Estimated Departure time.

 * A/ET Arr represents Actual / Estimated Arrival time.

 * The Table reloads itself every 10 minutes in order to load the last updated data, but you also can
 reload the table manually anytime you like by clicking on Arrival or Departure Tab.

 * You can filter the table for more efficient search by choosing certain time for you flight
    from the flight time list, or choosing certain from/to city using the City-Airport list.

 * The application can be sorted by Time , City ,Status and E/AT Arr/Dep.

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