Duty Free
Historically Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport has been Lebanon's primary gateway. Recognizing future commercial potential and passenger expectations, in 1996 the government of Lebanon invited international bidders for the management and operation of the Retail Sales Areas on a BOT basis at Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport.
The contract was awarded to Phoenicia-Aer Rianta Company S.A.L., a joined venture between Aer Rianta International-Middle East and Beirut-based Phoenicia Trading Afro Asia. The Beirut Duty Free today is basically introducing European travel retail strategies and solutions to the Middle East. The operation  now has a revamped main duty free area, with a total retail space at the airport amounting over 4,500 square meters, including two arrivals shops measuring  a total of 460 square meters. All passengers' purchases are exempt of V.A.T. and Beirut Duty Free ensures that they really achieve good saving versus the  domestic market. 
At the departure we have five distinct shopping zones effectively evolving into a shopping street making travelers shopping easy especially with our  competitive prices and best services compared to other Middle East and international duty free shops. It is important to mention that  Beirut Duty Free  have the first walk in Cigar Humidor Shop. Also BDF was the first shop to be awarded the La Casa Del Habano.
As for the prices Beirut Duty Free are cheaper than all Regional airports as well as other international airports. And for the development of Beirut Duty  Free business, with this expansion and prosperity we expect that the passengers will find all their demands providing them with the best level of service  and quality prices.    

Multimedia & Online Concepts S.A.L (MOC), in collaboration with Phoenicia - Aer Rianta Company S.A.L (PAC), has been promoting a very innovative concept 
at the Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport since May 2003. The game involves passengers making any purchase from the Duty Free Departure Area, and 
grants them the chance to win a luxury car by buying a coupon to participate in the computer game. For further information, visit the website


Located on the west wing the new Beauty Store measures 500 square meters. It is totally customized by suppliers, with specially-designed below-the-line, 
high impact, and promotional areas linked to external televisions for maximum impact. There is also a specially constructed make-up bar for "makeovers" 
by cosmetics companies, Most of the major cosmetic brands have already snapped up slots and are sending international makeup artists throughout the year. 
In addition to this, each beauty house has specialized BEAUTY ADVISORS that assist customers in their choices.

The luxury zone comprises watches, jewellery, fashion and accessories and covers an area of 1,100 square meters. The fashion areas have been fully 
customized as shop-in-shop concepts with Lancel, Lacoste, ST Dupont, Rossetti, Dior, Hermes, Ferragamo, Zilli and Escada, Fully-customized areas were 
also implemented for Swarovski, Zougheib Jewellery and Bonja Jewelry. 
The Watches department has been given pride of place toward the front of the area. The category features; Cartier, Omega, Baume & Mercier, Raymond Weil, 
Tissot, Longines, Rado, Tag Heuer, Christian Dior, Facconable, Gucci, Bruno Banani, Montblanc, Omorfia and  many other prestigious brands. Michaela Frey, 
AT Cross and Misaki.
The Electronics shop covers 320 square meters and includes Duty Free Cell (cellular phones), the Middle East's first Virgin Megastore and the best  electronics and photography categories. This area has a distinctly hi-tech ambience. 
 The Food Shop covers 250 sqm and houses several strong local FOOD LEBANESE names, such as A.Hallab sweets,Al-Rifai Roastery and Goodies Delicatessen. 
Also, another famous lebanese name is: Patisserie Doueihy that has a 25 square meters for delicious lebanese sweets.

This area, located adjacent to Cigars, covers approximately 1,050 sqm and houses all main international cigarettes, tobacco, liquor, confectionery and wine.
Within this, specific zones have been created, notably a dedicated wine area to showcase the world famous Lebanese classic vineyards. 

The Lebanon has always enjoyed a love affair with fine Cuban cigars, and the opening of the La Casa Del Habano facility  which must be the most 
impressive airport cigar shop in the world Set within the 1,100sqm main duty free store, La Casa encompasses 400sqm and incorporates an unparalleled 
selection of cigars, cigarillos and accessories presented in a stylish shop concept including two large walk-in humidors.
But the most intriguing element given the severe space constraints that travel retailers must deal with  is the VIP cigar lounge. Located at the back 
of the shop, this sophisticated and elegant facility is about as far from the hustle and bustle of an international airport as you can imagine  with 
comfortable leather seating, a bar and an authentic Cuban ambience. 
The lounge is only open to privilege card holders, with membership available to customers shopping in any of Habano's 89 shops around the world. Access 
to La Casa is certainly a strong incentive to sign up and, having secured the contact details of consumers, Phoenicia uses this information to target 
members with direct marketing regarding the company's latest and promotional activities. 
The most striking aspect of the shop is the vintage walk-in humidor, which stocks a range of rare and exclusive products. The exclusivity of the 
collection presented in the vintage area is underlined by the fact that the Romeo & Julieta brand produced a smaller number of exclusive products, 
exclusively listed in the humidor to celebrate the opening of La Casa.
Situated between the vintage humidor and the main shop floor is the main walk-in humidor. It covers 100sqm, which the company believes makes it the 
argest airport humidor in the world. The unit stocks 35 different brands of cigar. The store also boasts a wide range of accessories with a gondola 
dedicated entirely to lighters, a selection of pipe smoking accessories and a vast selection of humidors ' either empty or ready stocked with sticks.
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